YA Author Axel Schillton came to realize that imagination was his greatest asset and put it to good use conjuring up a convincing world of talking animals in his new science-fiction fantasy novel, Pizahn.
Axel thinks a great book is measured by its premise, the quality of the writing, and its pacing. He hopes that his young adult and new adult readers enjoy Pizahn so much that they want more Pizahn content. He likes to imagine readers poring over his books late into the night, eager to read more once they finish.
Axel gets inspiration for his writing from Anime, video games, movies, and sometimes from his own experiences and world events. When he isn’t writing fantastical stories, he lives in Florida where he enjoys reading, watching documentaries, building fantasy models, playing video games, and playing golf. Pizahn is his debut novel.


Young Pizahn, a mix of jackal and an African wild dog, is set to inherit his father the Pharaoh’s kingdom in a future Egypt. When his infant sister is kidnapped by nefarious thieves looking to procure a valuable artifact from the bygone human era, Pizahn begins a rescue journey of battles, tomb raids, ancient relics, and a quest for the truth to the fall of humankind.


  • Welcome all readers to my side of the internet! Where I write about talking animals that wield weapons and save the world! I don’t know how you can get any more awesome than that but I can guarantee that each adventure with Pizahn gets better...